1/ We just finished our first season at Data4America, where with the help of our fiscal sponsor the Silicon Valley Community Foundation we published 26 pieces of original content – powered by $45,000 from our founding donors.

2/ We launched our Podcast called Unplugged.

3/ We turned LIVE into a podcast
(🎧 below).

4/ All podcasts are fully transcribed.

5/ We’ve grown our team to 25 staff and editorial board members!

6/ Our Editorial Board published “One Job, One Dot: Every job in America, on a map”.

We opened sourced the code, the data, and instructions for re-creation.

7/ We’ve recorded multiple podcasts and Roundtables to explore the intersection of data, technology, government, and the future. We’re planning many more for 2017.

Now, onto our second season!

- Your friends at Data4America

Live audience fireside chats and panels– hosted by leading figures in media, government, education, and tech.
“Gary Johnson LIVE from Data4America was the first of hopefully many raw deep dives into the life history of America’s political, business, and civic leaders.
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Keith is a tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist Khosla Ventures. He was a part of the early team at PayPal and has held executive positions at Linkedin, Slide, and Square.
Host: Blake Masters, Thiel Foundation
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Scott is member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and current candidate for the California State Senate.
Host: Kim-Mai Cutler, TechCrunch
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A podcast exploring the intersection of government, technology, and the future.
Session #1
Winner of @Phillip K Dick Award, Author @Nexus trilogy, Author @The Infinite Resource: The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet., Teacher @Singularity U., Energy innovation advocate.
Host: Chris McCoy, Data4America
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Session #2
Co-founder and General Partner @1517 Fund, former VP Grants @Thiel Foundation, studied @Oxford, writer @MIT Technology Review, poet-philosopher-VC
Host: Chris McCoy, Data4America
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How you can help us
Data4America is a non-profit and un-partisan educational initiative bringing data science and data visualization to the understanding of politics.
1/ In our 1st season, we raised $45,000 from founding donors. You can help support our 2nd season with a tax-deductible donation of your own.

2/ To reach 2nd season fundraising goals of $250,000, we’re applying for grants in the education, civic engagement, open source, data journalism, and human progress spaces.

Our grant opportunities will significantly increase with introductions to foundations and philanthropic individuals. If you’re in a position to make an introduction for Data4America, our entire team will be greatly appreciative.

3/ Enjoy our content? Please share on social media! You can stay up to date with our content on Twitter and Facebook, too.

4/ Subscribe others to Data4America at the link

5/ We’re looking for part-time and volunteer full-stack developers, designers, product managers, data scientists, d3.js enthusiasts, data analysts, policy researchers, online marketers, and development+fundraising specialists to help us bring new data-driven content to the public.

Please pass any direct leads to

For each piece of content our editorial board publishes, we aim for it to reach 1,000,000 guaranteed viewers.

To help get there, we’re looking for syndication partners. This includes publishers who will re-post our content. Also, individuals who will tweet and Facebook post each time we publish. Email us to join our volunteer syndication network.
Want to nominate someone for Unplugged or LIVE, including yourself? Reply to this email and tell us why they’d help the world understand the future.
One More Thing
1/ Our Executive Director (Chris McCoy) was invited by Arianna Huffington to write on the Huffington Post. We’ll be syndicating D4A content there.

2/ We launched Lifemap, history in 100 characters or less. Check out Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Cuban, and more.

3/ Here’s the Lifemap on HuffPo: Hillary Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg, and Bernie Sanders.

4/ HuffPo is tweeting Lifemap out to their 860,000 followers!

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